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Thread: How to train an ambush predator to eat prepared foods;

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    How to train an ambush predator to eat prepared foods;

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    I just read that too. I am gonna try that. but he eats when he wants the little frozen mys shrimp and some flake. i saw him eating some pods too.
    So from what i gather is this fish is a predator like a grouper but is a comet. does it depends on his personality if he wants to eat small fish or shrimp? from what i read some say no problems others say only if it is small enough to eat. so I am thinking I need some huge shrimp?
    My Flame has only one eye so he does not forage for food he eats and gets cleaned. that is what he likes to do.
    My Kleins is a different story he eats everything that i dont want him to.

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