So, after everyone has fun at the DARC meeting on Saturday, MASC would love to invite you to our Membership Drive/Coral Auction on Sunday the 17th!!!! The meeting will be at Oceans Apart in Denver, and here are the details:

We will be holding, in accordance with Oceans Apart, a silent coral auction!! Many corals, separate, and maybe some packs will be auctioned off the night of the meeting!! The exact corals won't be known until closer to the meeting date but Jeff tells me that he is hopefully going to be able to choose some primo stuff!!!

If you aren't familiar with a silent auction here's a small rundown of how it will work. Each coral, or coral pack, will have a piece of paper in front of it, or representing it. If you see a coral, or coral pack that you like, write your name down and your bid. This will go on with people bidding and outbidding for a specified amount of time!! Once time the time limit has ended the highest bidder takes the coral(s).

OK so this meeting will also be a "membership drive" meeting. For those of you who don't remember, and for those of you who missed the meeting at Elite Reef this is how it works!

This is basically how it works:

The hosting store and club donate some raffle items. dry goods, livestock, etc
(raffle items are TBD but this thread will be updated with them)
A time is set for the drawing of the raffle items.


Each current member(unpaid) that signs in receives 1 free ticket
Each current member(paid) that signs in receives 5 free tickets

Each new member that registers at the store on the day of the drive receives 1 free entry into the drawing.

Additional tickets for the raffle items can be purchased at standard raffle tix rates($1 per ticket, for every 20 tickets you get 5 free)

Members must be present to win.

1. BBQ - If weather permits
2. For every $10 you spend at Oceans Apart you receive 1 free ticket into the raffle!
3. 10 frags to the DBTC program!!!!
4. Gift cards and huge discounts!!!

OK so all the finer details will be revealed hopefully in the coming days!!