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Thread: MBI & Coral Growout

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    MBI & Coral Growout

    OK so yesterday at Elite Reef's meeting we explained that there were some cool new things coming on the horizon!! Well I'm proud to announce two of these things, and please keep looking out as there is still more to come!!!

    1. The MBI program is OFFICIALLY being started here at MASC. For those of you out there who are breeding, this is your chance to help the cause!! You can score points and get ranked for everything that you do!! Please check out the sticky's for more information about how exactly this works!!

    The likes of Andy and Gale will be able to explain this in GREAT detail!!!! Come on guys, this is your chance to show Matt Pederson and other breeders attached to MBI that you can outbreed them!! lol.

    2. The growout competition!! This is basically how it works. The BOD will decide a time span for this to happen. Then those of you who wish to participate will enter into the competition. You will be provided with a SPECIFIC coral, which will have been measured and such beforehand. The whole competition will last 6 months and you MUST keep us up to date on the conditions of the tank(lights, dosages, etc). The exact rules on this are still being kinked but we will let you ALL in on this when it is going to happen!!!

    Remember, there is more to come, maybe tomorrow maybe in 6 months lol!! We are hoping to expand our horizons while at the same time making sure that our members are having fun and enjoying the website!! Please, if you have any questions post them here, DO NOT post them in the MBI or Growout competition forums!!! There have already been a couple of questions answered so please check out the FAQ sub forum inside the MBI main forum lol.
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    the link says that the page does not exist on the server

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