I just read thru this thread great Job!!! when I was younger I had an African grey I loved that bird, ate better than me like 100 a week just in fresh fruits and veggies for him. when i moved out i moved to another state asked my Mom to watch till i got my own place . i was staying with a friend so couldn't take him, it was a month and a half. talked to my Mom like 3 x a week and answer was same Coco was fine Coco was great so one and so one. so i get my own place call my Mom tell her I got my own place and I'd be home Friday so i could get Coco and my stuff for my new place she says great can't wait to see you, anyway long story short she had given Coco to her next door neighbor a week after i left and didn't even tell me !! and the worst part her neighbor moved out i was so upset i had save up for a year and a half to purchase my baby