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Thread: High Tide Aquariums Walk-through

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    High Tide Aquariums Walk-through

    So the wife and I decided to spend part of the day in Tallahassee, Florida today. So we started off with lunch first and a few drinks....leave it to me to eat shrimp before going to look at After lunch we stopped in at High Tide Aquariums. Didn't plan on getting corals only Cheato.....but well....left with an Aussie Orange Fungia (1.5"), Bubblegum Digi (2.5") and Superman Digi (2.5") and no Cheato.....ugh...well I hope you guys enjoy the review and will post pics of the new additions tomorrow afternoon.
     photo 1_zps371d357a.jpg

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    that's always how it goes lol but if your me you forget to buy the cheato

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