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Thread: Floating 12L Nano

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    Floating 12L Nano

    Im officially getting out. Up for sale is my floating 12L nano. $500

    Heres the build thread

    Tank- GLA 12 gallon rimless/ drilled with two 1/2"returns and a 1" drain.

    Eshopp RS 100 sump

    Maxi-Jet 1800 return pump

    ATO- Tunze Osmolator with calcium dispenser

    Steel brackets for floating mount

    30x12x6 frag tank with low iron front glass

    Quiet one 1200 return pump

    Fungi Pink and aragamax sand

    3 socks

    3 pendants

    4 timers

    BRS rox .8 10lb

    Black acrylic frag rack plus numerous black egg crate with pvc stands


    Numerous bulkheads , gate valves and misc plumbing

    Float valves

    Specimen container

    Hammerhead glass cleaner

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