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Thread: Getting out

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    Getting out

    Time has come to take a break. ALL of my corals are up for sale. If you’re interested in anything in particular I can send pics, or if you’d like to stop by and see what I have shoot me a private message or text five 22 three 653

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    Sorry to hear that, I hope you come back soon! I haven't even had a chance to catch up with you at all and I haven't seen you in years.

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    Yeah it’s definitely been awhile. I’ll set up another tank in a few years. Until then I’ll be hanging around pestering everyone.

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    Don't look here for a comment.

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    Lol. Thanks Joe. You’re one awesome dude

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    A few pics I took tonight.

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    Damn it man! I get it, but damn it!

    That being said I’d probably be interested in your sea cucumbers and maybe some fish if you’re getting rid of them too.

    I’ll text you tomorrow.

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    Sounds good Jim. I’ll talk to you tomorrow

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    I still have some sweet acro frags for sale

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    Here’s some of the stuff off the top of my head.

    Ora Ant insignis sm$25 lg$50

    Ora hawkins sm$10 lg$20

    Ora red planet sm$5 med$10 lg$20

    Ora green planet sm$5 med$10 lg$20

    Forest fire digi $5

    Orange digi $5

    Blasto 2for $5

    Pink posi $5

    Superman monti lg$5

    Pink bids nest $5

    Baby’s breath favia $10

    Pink eye favia $10

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