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    Bubble Tip

    Hello! Been a long time since I was an active member. Unfortunately life is being difficult and requires my attention. I recognize some of the old members are still around. Regardless I'm still involved with my saltwater tank - although it needs major attention. Anyway, I started out with one small rose bubble tip a few years back. That one has split - I now have 5 and those 5 look like they're going to be splitting. OMGosh, 10 bubble tips, each 6"-8" across!!! My question is... I need to get some of these guys out but don't know really know how. They are all attached to the rock. How do I get them off the rock without damage?
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    I have always had good luck with aiming a maxi jet at them. That will cause them to move. Once they loosen the grip, you can get them.

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    +1 on the maxi jet, always works for me

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    If on a flat surface, you can use and ice cube and credit card to lightly pry them off.
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