I am located in Ohio so buyer will need to pay shipping.

I custom built this for a customer that had some things come up and was not able to purchase at this time.* Has custom carbon fiber chameleon*wrap to prevent light from escaping the scrubber.* Very nice addition to any tank.* $200*
Algae scrubber rated for up to a 250g display uses 4x 20w warm white LEDs for optimal growth, clear mesh and CNC cut windows so that almost no light escapes from the scrubber itself. *Features 2x side drains, each using 1" bulkheads, primary for drain and secondary for emergency overflow. *Spray bar is made from sch 80 PVC for strength and there is a center support for when the mats are full of algae. *Features easy release clips to allow the mesh to be completely removed from the bar and inserted again with ease. *Silicone side clamps help to secure the spray bar but also keep salt creep inside of the scrubber.

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