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Thread: Any recommendations for plumbers/LED repairs?

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    Any recommendations for plumbers/LED repairs?

    I'm getting serious about potentially plumbing a few systems together, but as I've gotten closer to actually doing the work, I've realized my knowledge of plumbing tanks together is lacking.

    I'd rather hire someone to do a good job who's done 20 systems and knows what to watch out for, vs. doing it myself, flooding the basement and realizing I missed a siphon break somewhere.

    Anyone have a recommendation?

    Also, is Doyle still the go-to person for working on LED lights? I have a fixture that isn't functioning properly (has a short somewhere, the other one I'd like to upgrade the LED's to better spectrum if possible).

    Or have lights gotten cheap enough it's better to just pick up new fixtures vs. repair the old ones unless you can do it yourself?

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    Doyle for lights and I believe there are a host of people could help you with the plumbing. Sounds like fun

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