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Thread: Merging two tanks advice?

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    Merging two tanks advice?

    Hey guys! It's been a bit. So I'm currently in a predicament: I have two 55g's and a 75g. So my thought, use one 55g as a sump and use the 75 and other 55g as displays. Here is my current layout I'm building (and also this is for the university. They want to keep the other 55g running so I gotta live with what I can get). Would this still look okay given the borders on the tanks? (they are both glass tanks, just for various reasons I am not there to measure the trim to see how wide it is.) Would it be better to split the tanks up if I was going for a "one-tank" look? or just keep the trims visable. Thank you very much guys!!!

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    I would personally not do it for two main reasons. One reason is that you will never be able to really make it look like 1 tank and depending on your stocking list you may have fish that will try to attack each other through the glass. The other more important reason is for power heads/water movement. Having the tanks next to each other will limit your available options for power heads because of the glass thickness with the two tanks together. You would really only be able to use suction cup style power heads depending on how thick the glass became or have big pumps made for thick glass. You could overcome the power head issue with a closed loop though, just depends on your plans.

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    I agree with Kirblit. Plus, I think it would look better if you separated the tanks at least partially.

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