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    34 gallon cube

    lost interest in the hobby again. specs are as follows.

    20" cube on a custom heavy metal stand (sides have not been enclosed yet)
    stand measures 56ish" (50" parallelogram)w, 36"h stand top and 58"h top of the tank sits a total of 28" off wall at the deepest point
    huge refuge measures 39.5"l x 15"w x 16"h holds around 25 gallons running, could run multiple tanks up to 200 gal or so
    runs on 2 4" filter socks, matrix bio media, miracle mud, sand and live rock.
    lit by a led bulb
    ai prime light
    40lb aragonite sand
    30lb. when dry (live now) single piece of tonga
    20-30lbs random live rock
    2 heaters ehiem 250/200
    2 mini hydor powerheads
    hydor wavemaker
    tunze nano ATO w/ 7 gallon res. bucket
    marineland 300 protein skimmer (not using now)
    rio 2500 pump
    everything is about a year and a half old.

    livestock is'nt much to speak of
    theres a small 2" colony of blastomussa that survived the last crash
    along with an orange ricordea and a few red shrooms
    and a single hoevens wrasse (tailspot wrasse)

    comes with all maint. stuff too.
    2x 40 gal barrels
    2x 5 gal buckets
    bucket of salt
    spare heater and hydor powerhead for storing ready mix salt
    water change siphons ect.

    would like to get $500 for the whole setup
    I'll do an individual price list in a week if it ends up a partout
    call or text me (Dan) if you have any questions 719-505-3737

    link to the photobucket album
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