So I have had discussions with people about this alot and my opinion is no, not at all, well it depends......not every tank? This is becoming more and more of a discussion lately from what I have seen.

My level of nutrients is rediculous and shoud NOT be attempted, and I don't even want them like this. I have tried to get the nitrates more around 20 but I cannot keep them there unless I do 50%(70gal) WC per week, so I gave up a long time ago. My phos tipically runs close to 1.0 as well. As a side note I do harvest about 5 gal of chaeto every 3 weeks, and yes my nitrates are still this high! I do feed extremely heavy for having only 2 fish, but one is an 11" Naso and he eats about 3 or 4 full paper size sheets of nori every day. I do weekly WC of about 20% as well.

Parameters for reference:
Alk- I try to maintain 10 dkh
Cal- 420-450
pH- 8.3-8.5 (kalk topoff)

Before anyone blames the test kit being wrong, it's not and I have tested it before on another kit, at an LFS, and even at work on a discrete analyzer and the results are accurate.

Here are the pics, the glass was cleaned exactly one week ago today, and my acros not looking so good is mainly because I have not been keeping stable alk until recently and they are now starting to grow and look better again. I want to repeat, I do NOT recommend this approach and it's more for DISCUSSION and ideas on why people have algae issues and others don't, I have my own thoughts on that.


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