Looking to buy or trade for the following SPS
OG Purple Monster
Tyree Blue Matrix
Copps King Tutt
OG Pink Panther
ASD rainbow phoenix
RR Pretty in Pink
RR Pink Cadilac
WT Tierra del Fuego

Also want
Bubble Coral
Interesting Chalices
Bounce mushrooms

I have the following I can frag for trades
JF Slowburn Monti
Big Blue Stag
Vivid Rainbow Delight
WWC Yellowtip (Currently Fragged)
Sunset Milli
Appleberry Monti (Currently Fragged)
Tyree Purple Dragon Eyes currently fragged
RMF Biohazard currently fragged
PC Superman currently fragged
JF Firecracker Currently fragged
JF Purple Blade Simplex Currently Fragged