Hey all,

Today is the semi-annual all Cordera neighborhood garage sale (HOA only allows them twice a year and most everyone has nice stuff for cheap!). I moved out of the springs a few weeks ago and we sold most everything we have/had. We sold most of the big stuff ourselves but the entire garage is full of all my tools, reef stuff (including multiple large skimmers), stand, lights and hood, small tanks -- you name it, we had it and it's all going cheap as the gal running the sale doesn't know what anything is worth. If you're smart you'll hunt around and find a 1-year-old $250 radar detector, $650 skimmer, etc. and tons of tools all going dirt cheap. Lots of news stuff still in the packages that I just never had time to complete those projects.

Here's our address -- please spread the word and have fun!
5255 Chimney Gulch Way
Colorado Springs, CO 80924