Hello Everyone: Anyone running Kessils on there their systems? Specifically the A360Es? I've been playing with the Color and Intensity settings as well as a program of how to run then throughout the day. I've been trying to dial them in by how my Corals respond the the changes. But, I got to thinking and basically don't want to "reinvent the wheel" so, if anyone is running these lights and using the spectral controller or other controller for that matter and has a program/settings that has been working well for them I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Right now my tank is mostly softies and LPS, I do have a couple of Montipora frags that seem to be doing ok , just growing very slow. That's why I've been messing with settings to see if I can stimulate faster growth. I'm currently ramping up to 30% color and 45% Intensity at mid day then back down to off by 9pm.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.