***Reef Stars deal of the week promo***
Hi All! Thinking about running a weekly promo on my business FB page to bring some excitement and hopefully provide local reefers with some good deals on corals and dry goods.
Here's how it's going to work....
1. To be able to participate all you need to do is click on the link below and Like and Follow my page.
2. Every Thursday night/Friday morning I will post a "deal of the week" item on Reef Stars FB page. It could be a discounted colony, single frag, frag pack, etc. You get the idea...
3. Once the deal of the week is posted and you like what you see for the price listed all you have to do to claim is post "MINE!"
4. Once you claim the deal you have to arrange to pick up within one week. Exception will be made if I receive a full payment via PayPal or by CC and I can hold the item for as long as you would like. (Please be reasonable here)
5. This one is EXTREMELY important for live stock items!!! You have to be able to care for the item that you are claiming, must have adequate system with suitable conditions.
6. If the item is not picked up and paid for within one week from being claimed then it will go to the next person in line.
7. No additional purchases or commitments necessary to participate.

Deal of the week promo will start this Thursday, August 17.

Don't miss out!! Click on the link to be a part of it and most importantly have fun reefing!!!

Feedback is always welcome!