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Thread: [ID] Any help ID'ing a snail that was attacking my starfish?

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    [ID] Any help ID'ing a snail that was attacking my starfish?

    It had an orange hook shaped thing coming out and going into the snail when I saw it attached this morning. I removed it, the snail had a good size chunk missing from where the snail was attached, but is still alive.

    Anyone know what kind of snail this might have been? The starfish has been in the tank for about 3 months now, so presuming this snail was a random hitchhiker that finally bumped into the starfish.

    For all I know there's a well known star fish attacking snail which everyone will point out. My Google fu returned only much, much larger snails, this thing was about the size of a pencil eraser, bit smaller. No real coloration, and if it were in a freshwater tank, I'd say it's a pond snail. By the time I took the photo, it had retracted the orange hook that was stuck into the starfish.

    Also, anyone know if this starfish is likely to survive? I circled the hole the snail put in the starfish below.

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