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    KIRBLIT'S 300 Reef

    Well definite progress has finally been made in my basement for the new tank. This build is going to be a slow process but I hope to have it done this year.... I just figured I would get a thread started and document it in real time. This is going to be my dream setup I have wanted for a long time and it's going to take a while with all the other remodeling I'm doing. My plan is a 300 in wall in my basement with a frag/equipment room next to my home theater.

    Tank will most likely be ordered through Chris Capp.
    Coast to Coast w/ bean animal external overflow
    Starfire viewable sides
    Steel stand

    Fish room is 15'x 11' and I have two exhaust fans in the room that will be operated from thermostats. One exhaust fan goes outside and the other recircs back to the other side of the basement to constantly move air. They are both 6" 150cfm dc fans and are silent. The recirc will run constantly at a lower speed and then ramp up when triggered by the thermostat. The external will be triggered by a humidistat. The room has 5 individual 20 amp circuits for my equipment. I splurged and put in ceiling speakers and volume control as well for those days I'm in there fragging and tinkering 😆

    I will post up some pics in a little while. It's just framed right now but it will give you an idea of what's going on. I just got all the networking and speaker cables done everywhere so they will be doing drywall soon...

    Here is the view from the bar

    Inside the fish room

    Here are the exhaust fans. They are Panasonic whisper green selects. I did pvc ducts so I don't have to worry about moisture.

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    Here is the recirculating discharge by the pool room on the other side of the basement.

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