We have some used lights that we are selling if anyone is in need of some lighting upgrades. All of these lights were store promos and we ran them for 12-18 months at the store and were new when we recieved them. They all work great, but will not have a warranty attached to them.

1ea - Kessil 360N with gooseneck and new power supply (I lost the other one in the shuffle of cleaning the store so had to replace it) $250 ***Price Reduced to $225*****

1ea - Kessil AP700 We ran this light for 8 months over the cylinder display tank at the store. Great light, not a good fit for our application on the cylinder tank. $450 ***SOLD***

2ea - Ecotech Radion Pro Gen 3 (we upgraded our store display to Gen4) $450 each or $800 for the pair. ***Price reduced to $425 each, $750 for the pair*****

1ea - Aquamedic 6x54w Oceanlight T5 fixture in black. We bought to use on our coral flat but it didn't fit into our canopy. Never even turned it on. $350 ***Price reduced to $300*****

No holding without deposit, let me know if you are interested!