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Thread: Drilling a tank with water still in it

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    Drilling a tank with water still in it

    I want to drill a hole into my sump but I need to keep water in it. I can drain it law in the section I want to drill, but I can't move the tank out and turn it on its side.

    So, tank hole drillers, what do you think about that? I'd like to make the hole pretty large, at least 1 1/4' or drill two 1 inch holes.

    I'm thinking I could spray or drizzle water continuously on the glass and just let if run down the whole time the drilling is going on.

    I'd like advice from people that have drilled before, and I'd like to borrow your drill bit, or better yet, have you come over and I can supervise while you do it.
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    Have done it before on a 90, don't even have to keep water dripping, just dip the bit to keep it cool. you can also put a glass on the inside of the tank to catch the filings and plug that pops out of the cut.
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