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Thread: My new favorite fish room tool

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    My new favorite fish room tool

    I had a situation the other day which required a wet vac and don't (didn't) own one. Since I rarely have need of one I wasn't looking to spend a bunch of money so when I found the
    Bucket Head Wet/Dry Vac from Home Depot
    I was pleasantly surprised.

    It's small enough to pack away, fits perfectly on salt buckets and is great at starting siphons, getting the last of the water out of the sump, cleaning the bottom of my fuge, etc. I was able to hook up a smaller hoses to the bigger one which makes it really helpful for a variety of fishroom tasks. Because I have about ten buckets laying around, when one gets full you just snap off the top and move it to an empty bucket.

    Pretty friggin cool!

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    Yep. I love mine too

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