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Thread: Looking for fish ideas

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    Looking for fish ideas

    I have a 75G reef tank that I want to put some more fish in. I currently have 1 PJ Cardnial, 2 clown fish, a RBTA, 2 peppermint shrimp and an emerald crab and snails. I wanted to add some attractive and active fish in. Any ideas?

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    Fairy wrasse, lots to choose from and very active

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    I went with a crap ton of smaller, wierd, and bright fish in my display. There are a ton of gobies, blennies, jaw fish, chromis, dottybacks, wrasses, pipefish, mandarins, anthias, etc. They are fairly inexpensive for the most part and bring a lot of life to the tank. Make sure you do some research and check for compatibility and food sources first but...

    Some of my favorite affordable small fish are:

    Vampire jaw fish
    Fathead sunbust anthias (little pricey)
    Barred goby
    Twinspot (think it is a goby)
    Algae blenny
    Queen anthias
    Every dottyback that is available
    Melanaurus wrasse
    Blue reef chromis
    Purple fire fish

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