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Thread: Worms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coral Xpressions View Post
    The gloves won't do much for the bristle worm spikes unless they're thicker rubber gloves. And for a hobbyist who occasionally puts hands in the water a little won't hurt. Just rinse your hands before putting them in the tank and you'll be fine. It's different for rachel and I where our hands are always in the water...then it becomes a problem. they Do Sell arm length gives online for like $20 or something. I'm sure someone will provide a link. Try not to over think the small things. Instead of getting them out by hand there are plenty of pretty fish that will naturally prey on them
    That's good to know about the fish. Do you know a couple so I can look them up? I was also curious about a post I made about some red algae a while ago, it was suggested that I put nothing in my tank but cleanup crew for 4 months to ensure security of my tank in the long run, do you agree?

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    I personally do not. I say find the cause of the algea, eliminate it then stock. Bit busy at the moment. I'll elaborate later
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