Recently we have had quite a few changes with members. We have had some senior members leave, some senior members reappear, and a ton of new members appear. This is normal especially during the summer months but the Board Of Directors (BOD) has noticed some changes that are starting to develope into a negative pattern. I apologize for the legnth of this post.

This list will be a small reminder to some and new news to others. Feel free to call this forum manners if you would like but, it is more of a guideline that we try and stick to.

1. Keep your posts clean. Remember that we have members of all ages, races, and sexes within our club. There is no need to use foul language no matter how serious of a point you are trying to make.

2. Try and stay on topic. Please refrain from jumping off of the topic in which the thread was started. Members are trying to learn, teach, and/or share something about the hobby. It can easily get confusing when the author of a thread has to sift through numerous unrelated posts to respond to other members more meaningful posts.

Jumping off of topic is called hi-jacking. If you notice later on that you hi-jacked a thread than apologize for it. There are times that this is ok to do (for example; asking someone where they bought the item for sell etc.) Just keep in mind that the author is searching for an answer or giving one and they should be respected as you would like to be.

3. Start threads in the appropriate sub-categories in which they should be listed.

4. Keep your posts tasteful. Remeber that members cannot see your facial expressions or comprehend your tone when they read your posts. A non confrontational post can be easily misconstrued.

5. Feel free to Private Message (PM). Remember that this is an open forum for the whole world to read. Other members do not need to know your home address, personal issues, or telephone numbers unless you want to display them. Also, if you have an issue with a post then feel free to PM the member and hash it out in private. Members do not want to read about your drama.

6. Selling items should be kept honest and straight forward. The seller holds the right to sell to whomever they want. How the seller came about the item is his/her own business. Members not actively purchasing the item for sale should keep their responses to a minimum if at all. Remember that the market is how much someone is willing to buy it for.

Purchasing an item should be kept honest and swift. This is not a retail stote. If a member states that he wants to buy an item that is for sale it is his/her responsibility to contact the seller to acquire the item. If you feel that a member is over paying for an item then feel free to contact the seller or the buyer via PM.

If a member says that they will buy an item for sale then the seller should list it "pending," so that other members do not try and purchase the same item twice. If another member still would like that item they can ask to be put on a list. If the transaction falls through between the seller and the first buyer then the first person in line should be able to purchase the item.

Please close your sale thread once an item is sold. This will keep other members asking you if the item is still for sale.

7. Feel free to post your feelings about sponsors, vendors, or other members in a manner that presents positive feedback. This is an open forum and everyone has the right to post their true feelings, however, the sponsors have come to an agreement with the club. This agreement is a written documnet that (in other words) states that the sponsor will help the club. When the club has a sponsor the club and the sponsor both benefit. If you think you can do better and would like to be a sponsor than feel free to reach out to a member of the BOD.

8. Follow the golden rule. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

9. Expect in return only what you give. If you do not volunteer to help move a large tank than dont expect to recieve help when you need a tank moved. If you cant help move large tanks then help a members with information, building lights, plumbing, etc. After all, help is why we all joined.

10. Feel free to contact the BOD with any issues that you have. Your opinion and name will stay with the BOD unless you would like it to be stated.

Remember that the BOD is a nominated and elected member of the club. We are mediators of the peace and want to see the club thrive. The BOD is not here to be parents. If you do not like a BOD member or a post that they have made then feel free to contact him/her or another member of the BOD with an appropriate and well mannered response as you would with anyother member.

*Failure to follow these guidelines does not mean that you will not to be allowed to be a member. These guidelines will help you and other members stay active and contributing members to our club.

**Notice that this thread is locked. Please feel free to contact me or anyother BOD member via PM if you have any questions or concerns regarding this thread or anyother.

AKA: Static Reef
SCMAS Public Relations Liason