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    Out of Town LFS

    Greetings from the Great White North! Well, not so white anymore. The Great White Melt is on! We did get to see the Iditarod up close and personal down the street from our house a few weeks ago...amazing how small sled dogs really are.

    Ok, I realize it's way too far for most people to go, but if you ever get to Seattle I highly recommend visiting Barrier Reef Aquariums and plan on bringing a shipping container of stuff home. We were in Seattle/Tacoma for another reason but had some time to kill (and a half dozen specimen cups from ReefKoi--thanks, Chris) before our return flight to Fairbanks, so we Googled reef aquarium LFSs in the area and they popped up as #1. GPS got us to the small shopping center where they were supposed to be located and there was no sign for them on the building. I don't know why we looked, but there was an open rear door around the back of the building with a sandwich board sign with their name on it. We had almost left thinking they had moved. We went in, thinking it was probably some kind of rinky-dink place.

    I don't remember seeing that many choice fish, LPS and SPS in a single store before. We both said "Wow" with every step through the store for the first pass through it. Frags, frags, frags, colonies, colonies, colonies! There were a few new 8"-12"colonies of what looked like pastel peach and yellow Formosa stags. They had just gotten them in so they didn't want to sell them yet because they said the need to acclimate to a tank for a couple months first. Fine by me, because we'll be going back in June. They had one large tank full of ORAs. A very large percentage of all of their corals were aquacultured, plus a lot of the colonies were maricultured. I have to let the 6 frags acclimate for a few weeks before I can take good pics, but one is a nice fat gold Formosa ($29 I think).

    So we got the frags through TSA screening as carry-ons (just ask for hand screening when you get to security and they won't x-ray them, but a full body put-down is required when you do) and back home last night. A good drip acclimation and in the tank they went until I can get home to mount them to the rock. So far, we've managed to bring back 31 corals from Grasshoppa', ReefKoi, and Key (well, maybe a dozen survived the cold treatment thanks to a TSA screw-up that left them uninsulated in the plane's cargo hold), 5 from the only SPS store in the entire Alaskan Kenai Peninsula (turns out they have FW in their store), and about 20 from the only other SPS store (Anchorage) that also happens to have RB and BB. Thank God for Bayer Spectrum Insecticide (coral dip) and mail order Interceptor from Australia. I get to repopulate my pods this weekend thanks to Interceptor.

    So if you ever have a layover in Seattle on your way back from wherever, definitely visit Barrier Reef...and bring a lot of money because you won't leave empty handed.
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