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Thread: Stupid fish

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    Stupid fish

    I got a blue dot jawfish. Looks cool. Burrowed at the bottom center of tank. Fool fish scans almost 10 linear feet of tank surface and finds the small section on the right back side where the net covering is tipped up because of the overflow.

    Dumb fish launches self out of unprotected 2 inch space out of a million protected inches.

    Idiotic fish is crispy now.

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    Mind did that in a closed sea horse tank and hit the softer plastic cover at the corner where it met the hard plastic and slid out.
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    Of coarse, it can NEVER be a "cheap" fish. When I was at Oahu, Hawaii we went up near the North Shore and walked the shore line. I was amazed watching the gobies jump from one tidal pool to the next. There would be NO water connecting the pools at all, but they would jump directly to another pool and never land on the rocks. I was thinking that I would be able to scare them out of a pool, and then catch when they were flopping on the rocks......NOPE. I don't get it! Cool to see though.

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    man I miss my blue spot he never jumped man. lost him to ich. best fish ever

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