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Thread: Clown Fry Failure

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    Clown Fry Failure

    As I mentioned to some of you last week, my clowns laid eggs. So I got everything setup to try to raise the fry knowing full well that I'd be lucky if one of them lived. I did a ton of reading and followed the instructions and failed.

    I setup a separate 15 gal tank with a sponge filter with the sponge having been in the main tank for months. I filled it half full with water from the parent tank and the other half with new sw of the same sg. The clowns had laid their eggs on the bottom of a large piece of hollywood stunner. The night or two before they should have hatched I broke off the piece of coral with the eggs on it and slid them into a ziplock bag under water. I then transferred the coral to the small tank and setup an airline bubbling gently under the eggs. Immediately the stunner began to slime but not too badly. I removed as much of the slime as possible and everything looked great.

    The next day, no babies.

    The following day, the eggs looked white instead of gray and there's a slight smell of ammonia. I changed some water and add SeaChem Prime to neutralize the ammonia as much as possible. By the end of the day, the eggs were looking like white mush.

    No clue what happened -- maybe the coral slime?

    I'll get working on stuff for next time like putting clay pot in the display but this was a really weird thing to have happen.

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    That's rough sorry to hear. Sounds like you're right and it may have been the stunner. You might be able to place a small pot or tile where you think they will lay again. We've had really good success blacking the tank out the night they hatch early and then pulling them out with Turkey basters and flashlights. Also used a homemade larva trap but I think ours may have been a little rough on the larva.

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    If you try and rase them again just put the air stone In in till they are a few weeks old put the sponge in there . The sponge can trap the food/ clowns in there and will die. And might want to try just having the water from the parents tank in till a 1-2 after they hatch ( idk if having 5 g of the parent and 5 new if that made a difference )

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