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Thread: Adult Queen Trigger (Free to good home)

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    Adult Queen Trigger (Free to good home)

    I'm taking down my salt tanks after many years and I have to find a 'good' home for this huge guy. He's about 10-12 inches (15 if you include the lyretails), eats like a horse, and mean as snot lol. By good home, I want to him to go to a 300+ gallon home (prefer 500g+ uncluttered tank).

    Since he's all I got left, I've got him housed in a 75g by himself, but I am getting rid of the tank as well at some point, so I need to find a good home soon.

    A salesperson at Petco suggested me post here - if not, I will post an ad on Craigslist. Or if any of you have a valid contact for one of Denver's commercial aquariums, that would work too :-)


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    Thanks for sharing this here. We have plenty of people with huge tanks. I will link this post up on the Denver forums as well.

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    i can get him into a 1500+gal text me at 7209353034

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    Thanks, I'll try and text you tomorrow early evening after I get off of work - I just read this right before sleep time tonight ;-)

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