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Thread: SPS's Affected by Tank Mates

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    SPS's Affected by Tank Mates

    I have a question on how or if my SPSís will be affected by tank mates. Specifically my RBTA, it loves to switch sides on the projection it lives under. Most of the time it stays on the inside (tank center) side of the projection but sometimes it comes out on the glass side where my frag rack is located. I have not seen any problems so far but thought it would not hurt ask. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I can move the frag rack, but I have a Green Slimer on the top of the coral the RBTA is attached to. When the RBTA moves to the glass side of the projection the tips of it brush against the Slimer.

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    The only thing I can think of is that your sps will not stick out their Polyps if they feel intimidated. If this happens, then your sps will obviously not be able to eat.

    I would say if it sits there for more than a few days I would try and move it.

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    My gbta walks all over my tank and never seems ahopy, constantly resting for a day or two next to several of my sps, he pissed off the Miami orchid I have to a point where about a quarter of the frag wasn't able to get polyp extension and died but it has since grown back, would def try to get your nem to keep away if he stays parked for extended periods as JJ suggested
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