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Thread: Culturing Copepods (Easy Version)

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    Culturing Copepods (Easy Version)


    A culture container (usually a 5g bucket, if you are doing a pelagic species, or a flat-ish container if you are doing dimersal species)
    RG Complete -
    A small bucket for collecting your copepods from your container
    Airline Tubing
    Air pump
    5g bucket lid
    Drill bits
    Freshly made saltwater
    Your Copepod Culture! - via or bush or myself!

    1. Fill your container (whatever it may be) with saltwater.
    2. Add your copepods to the container
    3. Drill a hole in the lid of your container and run airline tubing through it
    4. Feed your copepods a ratio of 1 drop of RG per every gallon of water two to three times per day (Watch for the water to get clearer then feed, if water still is not clear after the 4-6 hours, wait longer to feed)
    5. Maintain your salinity of your culture as you are culturing
    6. Wait a few weeks, then you can start collecting your copepods from your container and start feeding your fish tanks! (don't collect all of them at once, and make sure to refill your container with saltwater so that more copepods can be bred

    Common Terms and their definitions:

    Demersal - Lives at or close to the walls of the aquariums, does not swim in the open much, most common form of copepods used in sump tanks
    Species Examples:
    Trigger pods
    Pelagic - Lives in the water column, freely moves across the water
    Species Examples:
    Apocyclops panamensis
    Pseudodiaptomus pelagicus
    Parvocal**** crassirostris

    If you have any questions, please pm me, and I will answer as soon as I can.
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