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Thread: Culturing Live Algaes

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    Culturing Live Algaes


    Florida Aqua Farms Microalgae Grow -
    Live Algae Source -
    Lighting - Any "warm" tube lights or led strips
    Air Bubbler - petco
    Flexable Airline Tubing - Petco
    Ridgid Airline Tubing - Petco/Home depot
    90 degree airline connector - Petco
    90 degree airline limiter - Petco/Home Depot
    Mason Jars - Walmart
    A Microwave
    Freshly Made Saltwater
    Mason Jar Lids - Walmart
    Electric Drill
    Various Drill Bits

    The day before your algae arrives, you want to sterilize your container and it's water. You do so by adding a drop per 100 ml of the Florida Aqua Farms Microalgae Grow, then (there ought to be enough for you to split your algae when it arrives in the mail into around 5 to 6 different cultures), do this to 6 mason jars (only fill them most of the way up so you have room for the actual algae), put them in the microwave, and run it for about 42 minutes. Times will vary depending on your model of microwave, so a basic sign of saying that the mason jars are at a "good temperature," aka the 144 degrees we are looking for, the water should be boiling, but only barely. Watch the bottom of the mason jar as it is boiling and stop it when the boiling ALMOST hits the bottom of the jar. Then it is sterile. Open the microwave and let the mason jars cool (which should take a day.)

    You should be ready to split your algae! Congratulations, will now be starting your culture. When your algae arrives, split the algae evenly between culture containers. After you split your algae, take the lid from the mason jar and the drill and drill a hole in the center of the lid that is slightly larger than the width of your ridged airline tubing (if the lid cracks, use a new lid so that the algae’s do not cross-contaminate.) Cut a piece of the ridged airline tubing that is the length of the mason jar (it can be a little smaller if you don't have enough,) put that piece through the hole in the lid 90% of the way, then put the airline limiter on the top part of the ridged airline tubing (the part above the lid.) Then screw the lid onto your mason jar, then unscrew it around 2 rings or so, so that air can escape. Hook up all the airline tubing together and let the airline run at around 1 bubble or so per second per container (it varies depending on the species, some require a lot of air, such as Tetraselmis chuii, others only need the 1 bubble per second like Isochrysis galbana.) Lastly, it would be important to make sure your algae actually has lights to grow! I use a standard tube light running at 14-16 hours per day, just make sure that it is an “algae” light, aka warm-lights (bright whites.)

    Now, the patience part I was getting to. Each algae container takes around 8 days until it is at a dense enough point to be split again. In which case you just repeat parts 1-2 again. You can use 90% of your algae, and just use the 10% on the split. Just make sure that you have back-up cultures in place in case you have a crash! Happy Culturing!
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