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Thread: We take trades

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    We take trades

    I'm sorry for not getting on here much but that darn life thing gets in the way. I just wanted to let you know, we do consider trades (we don't need things like GSP or Nuclear Holocaust) but would would consider other trades. Trades would be a little to our advantage since we actually try to make money at this, but you have extra stuff you're looking to get rid of anyway you are welcome to come on down to Pueblo and we can do a little swapping. We have in the neighborhood of 1000 frags and we get new coral in all the time. Best way to reach me is email ( or text at (719) 289-8079.

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    I still need to make a trip down there. I am sure I can get some frags to take with and I know I will come back with a lot more then what I take down there lol.

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