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    Coral of the month

    SCMAS Members as some you may already know we have decided to begin the coral of the month again. With this being my first article I would like everybody to understand I am not a grandfather or even a seasoned reefer like many of our loyal members. I do not have all the answers about any given coral, nor do I attempt to know them. Some of the information will be rather cut and dry from a website, and other information will be from my own experiences and as always my own opinion. So with that being said here it goes…

    The February Coral of the month is

    Pocillopora Damicornis

    Family name: Pocilliporidae

    Specie name: Pocillopora damicornis

    Common names: Bushy, Birdsnest, Cauliflower, and Lace Coral

    Pocillopora are found throughout Australia in the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea, Sydney, and Rottnest Island. They are also found in the Red Sea, eastern Africa, and in the Indian and Pacific Oceans/

    Description:The Pocillopora coral is a SPS coral that has small bumps all over itself which is what helps give it a “bushy look.” The body structure of this coral can change drastically depending on the current in which it is housed. In high current areas the branches may be tightly weaved in close and look similar to a “birds nest.” However in the same tank but in a very low flow area the coral will tend to spread apart with the branches more rounded. The Pocillopora can be seen in several different color variations including shades of blue and green to pretty pink and dull brown. The polyps of the Pocillopora are infused with the skeletal structure and will close completely and almost immediately if “spooked.” The polyps are small and fuzzy which also helps give it the infamous bushy look.

    Tank Management for a healthy Pocillopora:Being an SPS coral water quality is of the utmost importance. Like many other SPS corals the Pocillopora needs a stable environment, and plenty of indirect flow to thrive. One of the more interesting facts I learned about Pocillopora corals was how much of an impact the temperature plays on their health and rate of growth. Ideally they prefer to be between 73 and 79 degrees, and from 80 to 82 or so will cause there growth to slow. Which if they are thriving may be a good thing because once they are established they can grow rather fast. As for feeding, Pocillopora are like many other SPS corals. Through a symbiotic relationship with marine algae, known as zooxanthellae, Pocillopora receive the majority of their nutrients. They also capture food particles from the water column, and can absorb dissolved organic matter. One of the best facts about Pocillopora corals is their ability to adapt to many different lighting set ups. I have kept this coral under power compacts at about mid tank height and they seemed happy as ever. Also as long as they are in the bottom or under shading they can survive under Metal Halides. They will survive under pretty much any lighting condition which is why in my most humble opinion; this is a great starter SPS coral. That is not only pretty to look at but hardy as well.
    In closing I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it was informative. I am looking forward to the next meeting when we have a demonstration on how to frag this coral, with a Pocillopora colony donated by our own President HOOKED (Doyle)
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    That's a really neat looking coral. Does anyone in the club have one they can post a pic of? Maybe every month when the coral of the month comes out members could take pics of the ones they have and make it an unoffical contest.
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    Here is a pic of the colony that will be used for the fragging demo. Of course it is much larger now.

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