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Thread: Drill vs bulkhead sizing

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    Drill vs bulkhead sizing

    Bulkhead----Diamond coated drill size------mm
    3/4"--------------1 1/2"--------------------------38
    1"----------------1 3/4"--------------------------45
    1 1/2"------------2 1/2"-------------------------64

    With the metric sizing, you can always go a little bit bigger on the drill bit. This is all for Schedule 40 bulkheads.
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    good info paul.

    +1 on slightly larger is ok. I used a 39mm for my 3/4 bulk heads. My 1 inch hole saw is a 45mm.
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    +1 great post Paul. The reason I have so many sizes is I kept ordering too small and had to get the next size up lol

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    Very cool. I was just asking about this the other day. Thanks!

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