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  • Gomojoe

    by Published on 09-28-2010 10:35 AM

    The Southern Colorado Marine Aquatics Society(SCMAS) is pleased to announce that we have become the latest Marine Breeding Initiative (MBI) Site. The MBI was designed with the help of leading marine breeding experts such as Matt Pedersen, Matt Wittenrich, and others to be a standardized Breeders’ Award Program (BAP) and database that can be easily adopted by aquarium societies and website owners to promote captive breeding of marine fish and invertebrates amongst their members. With the MBI, the adoption of a universal digital-based format across organizations encourages innovation and discovery, motivated through the spirit of friendly competition at the individual and organizational levels, all in an easy to use, and manage, shared database. The first step to get involved with the MBI is to register a breeder profile on the official MBI at www.mbisite.org and then create a Breeding Journal right on our own site at the SCMAS Breeding Journals Thread. The Breeding journals create a local resource for breeders in your area. Participation in the MBI also offers your users quick access to the online MBI database, which contains information from breeders and breeding journals on websites around the country and around the globe. Utilizing the internet and modern software, the MBI brings a world-class, 21st century Marine Breeder’s Award Program to aquarium clubs and websites everywhere. Anyone interested in captive breeding can easily search the universal MBI database to research information on species that are being worked with in a standardized, no-nonsense format, with additional information being available through the breeder’s, hyperlinked, original journal entries. The MBI offers the motivation of friendly competition, an incentive structure through bragging rights, scores and rankings, and a road map for hobbyists to enter the exciting and challenging activity of propagating marine organisms at home. For a more information on the MBI visit the MBI website online at http://www.mbisite.org
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