How to find and buy best dispatch scheduling transportation software

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TransitExec is a dispatch scheduling transportation software (http://transitexec.com) that automates all the processes in the paratransit company.

Transportation, documents, reports, personnel, customer, machine, accounting Keep a database of customers, carriers and drivers with whom you have worked, in one place. Convenient card company allows you to add new for a few minutes and not to lose old ones. Record all events (calls, letters, agreements) associated with the counterparty - in "Smart Logistics" there is a system taking into account interactions and special reports. Save time with Smart search You will instantly find yourself in the card company by typing in the query string the first letters of the company name.

Our software prevents the creation of duplicates and reports the presence of such contact, shows a list of similar records during the data generation. Now in your database will not be confusion due to the re-added contractors.
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