180 Evolution

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Most of our fish came from tanks that we've adopted. The whole list is in my sig! The whole tank setup came to us for free.


This is what it looked like at its original owner's house. She got really sick and couldn't maintain the tank anymore. When we dismantled it, the water was green, and there were several sources of stray voltage! Found that out pretty quickly...

Blood, sweat and tears. Became a family project. Ripped out a countertop. Cured the rock. Everyone had a few cramped weeks in our old 75 and our awkward living room.


Dumped everything (along with some new sand) into it because our regal was going crazy.

Our rock cured in batches so this is before we wound up with ~250#. My mom rescued an LTA from Petco sometime after. He's still in here.

I've taken over these tanks from her :P cleaned out the sump. Became a RODI nazi. It's really become my hobby over the last few years. I've got plenty more to do with this tank, and my other two.
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