adding sand to established tank.

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We would like to add more sand to our tank. Can we and if so, what is the best way. Would live sand be best ? We also removed life rock that had lps that Clint hated. It's been out side and frozen. What do we need to do to reuse the rock. Thanks

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  1. Joe's Avatar
    I have added live sand to my tank before without problems, but there are some cautions. I would recommend small amounts, every couple of days, pouring it down to the bottom using a pipe so it doesn't scatter, and then lightly mixing just the surface where you poured it so it doesn't just cover up and kill some of the buggies in the sand where it lands. There are many posts about cleaning rock for use. Search the forum and you should find some. When you post a question, more people will see it if you do it in the forum and not in the blog section.
  2. lsaint's Avatar
    Joe hit the nail on the head