55 Docile Reef and 30 Hex Redux

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So I got a 55g tank and stand for Christmas '14, and originally planned to dismantle my 30g hex and move everything from it to the 55.

I'm now thinking of designating the 30g hex as a clown/nem tank and leaving my aggressive mocha occies in it. Here are the plans for both, I'm trying to keeps notes on everything!

55g LPS Fiji Patch Reef


1 firefish
1 orange stripe goby
2 pink skunk clownfish
1 yellow assessor
2 pajama cardinals
1 red-line wrasse


1 long tentacle anemone (from the 180)
1 candy cane pistol shrimp
2 skunk cleaner shrimp
Banded serpent star
Cleanup crew:
nassarius - 10
margarita - 5
cerith - 25
nerites - 20


Torch (top)
Branching hammer (top)
Branching frogspawn (top)
Octospawn (top)

Chalice echinophyllia (middle)
Turbinaria peltata (middle)

Acanthastrea brain (bottom)
Favites brain (bottom)

Elegance coral (sandbed)
Blastomussa (sandbed)
Nemenzophyllia (sandbed)

caulerpa (sandbed/refugium)

RO BH-2000 skimmer
80# Fiji pink
Maxspect Gyre 130
- pet mesh for intakes
Reefbreeders Photon 32"
300w Finnex heater/controller
ATO and reservoir (5.5g & JBJ $100) ?
Refugium - AC-70 mod
- Finnex Orig. Ray 2 10" fixture w/ external timer
Screen tops

30g Hex Nem Tank

2 mocha ocellaris

1 bubbletip anemone

Cleanup crew:
nassarius - 5
margarita - 5
cerith - 15
nerites - 10

RO BH-100 skimmer
Koralia 240 powerheads x 4
- pet mesh for intakes
Reef Breeders Photon 16"
150w Finnex heater/controller

Not sure how to figure out a screen top and ATO now... The liverock is a hairy situation, too. I'm thinking of cooking my extra dry rock. We'll see how the 'scapes work out.

Excited for all the changes! Along with these new setups, the 180 will be getting new screen tops, soft corals, and lighting (32" Reef Breeder Photons x 2). I'm hoping all of this can happen this year!

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