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  1. 55 Docile Reef and 30 Hex Redux

    So I got a 55g tank and stand for Christmas '14, and originally planned to dismantle my 30g hex and move everything from it to the 55.

    I'm now thinking of designating the 30g hex as a clown/nem tank and leaving my aggressive mocha occies in it. Here are the plans for both, I'm trying to keeps notes on everything!

    55g LPS Fiji Patch Reef


    1 firefish
    1 orange stripe goby
    2 pink skunk clownfish
    1 yellow assessor ...

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  3. Recirculating / Out of sump Protien Skimmer needed.

    I am looking for an out of sump protien skimmer for a 175 gallon tank or bigger. If anyone can help me find one I would be greatful.
  4. Our Tanks

    My mom and I were thrown into the hobby by purchasing (more like adopting) a 14 gallon, mis-stocked and under-researched BioCube from a friend, who moved and didnít want to kill her fish. It initially housed an ocellaris clown and an evil yellow-tail damsel.

    180g Softy Reef

    Originally 75g.

    ~200 lbs LR, ~220 lbs sand
    4 x Koralia 750
    Maxspect Gyre 150
    2 x 24" Marineland LEDs (temporary)
    1 x 120w black box ...

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  5. Presentation

    Some of you have been asking me to post this on the blog as well, so here is the presentation from the September meeting:
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