View Full Version : ORA Clowns On The Way! Awesome Fish & Corals In Stock! Start of Fragtoberfest Goodies

10-10-2017, 12:52 PM
Hey Everyone, I've got a small order of ORA Clowns arriving tomorrow morning. We will be offering them at some great prices! Here is a list of what's available.

Stubby Ocellaris (6) @ $19.99 ea
Single Dot Naked Ocellaris (2) @ $39.99 ea/On sale from $49.99
Naked Ocellaris (2) @ $39.99 ea/On sale from $49.99
Premium Gladiator Ocellaris (2) @ $49.99/ On sale from $80.00
Snowflake Ocellaris (2) @ $49.99/ On sale from $69.99
Black Snowflake Ocellaris (2) @ $69.99 / On sale from $99.99
Vargas Cespitularia (1) @ $29.99
Grubes Gorgonian (4) @ $18.99

We are also uploading more content into our WYSIWYG area of the website. We have a few things up there now. Take a look! Most of these pieces will be at Fragtoberfest. We also have plenty more in stock that we are working on uploading.


We have a number of fish in stock that we have had in for a few weeks. They have been slamming LRS foods the whole time!

Flame Angels @ $49.99
Clown Triggers (Juvi, Small) @ $59.99
Yellow Tangs (Medium) @ $39.99
Firefish Goby @ $14.99
6 Line Wrasse @ $18.99

We can't wait to see you guys at Fragtoberfest! If anyone needs anything please text me directly at 440-452-2350! Thanks! -Jim