View Full Version : Walt Smith 2.1 Reef Rock, Seachem Reef Salt, ORA Clowns, Corals ect...

04-12-2017, 12:52 PM
Hi everyone, We are running some promotions on Walt Smith 2.1 Reef Rock currently, and I wanted to take the time to go over some of the other products and livestock we currently have on hand. Please feel free to message us directly here with any questions!

Walt Smith 2.1 Rock Specials:

55lb Box - $229.00
10% off - $206.10

22lb Box - $99.99
10% off - $90.00

11lb Nano Box - $59.99
10% off - $54.00

Seachem Products Available:

-Reef Salt 200g Box $40.00 per box
-Matrix Carbon

ORA Clowns: In Stock
-Gladiators $32.00 ea
-Mocha Gladiators $65.00 ea
-LG Black Snowflakes $75.00 ea
-Premium Black Snowflakes $99.00 ea
-Black Ice Snowflakes $99.00 ea
-Snowflakes $45.00 ea
-Premium Snowflakes $75.00 ea
-Midnights $75.00 ea
-Black Ocellaris $29.00 ea
-Ocellaris $16.00 ea
-Wyoming Whites $65.00 ea
-Frostbites $99.00 ea
-Gold X Lightning Maroons $99.00 ea
-Gold Nugget Maroons $80.00 ea
-Deluxe Solomon Island Clarkiis $29.00 ea
-Spotcinctus $35.00 ea
-Tomato $20.00 ea
-Fire $20.00 ea
-Cinnamon $20.00 ea

*ORA sale pricing ended last week.

All of our clowns are eating a mix of LRS Reef Frenzy, Cal****, and Spirulina Brine. In addition to all of our clowns, we have numerous different designer corals in stock.

***Prices do not reflect taxes.