View Full Version : Can my floor support a 90 cube?

12-17-2016, 10:46 PM
I am thinking of upgrading my tank. I'm just wondering how much weight my floor can handle or how to find out. It's a rrancher so I have a basement down stairs. The tank would go in a corner of the house against a wall that is a main wall. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

12-17-2016, 11:09 PM
Generally speaking it shouldn't be an issue. I had a 120 on the second story of my home with no issues to speak of.

12-17-2016, 11:44 PM
Most likely fine with anything under 120

static reef
12-18-2016, 09:39 PM
Depends on the way your floor joists are laid horizontaly or vertically and where the tank will go. Regardless of your joists, your tank will be 3' wide and deep so you will cover atleast 2 joists. The corners and sides of your home that the joists are attached are the strongest segments of your flooring. Youll be fine