View Full Version : Cheato sump cleaning

10-05-2016, 12:19 PM
Ok this is going to be a dumb question I know but here goes. So I am running a 75G tank with a 40 g breeder sump. I have cheato in the first chamber and run filter socks along with a skimmer. My Ph is currently at 8.67 and rising. I have been taking the cheato out every so often and trimming it down but the first chamber is pretty covered in algae and slime. So my dumb question is should I be cleaning that first chamber completely out and placing the trimmed cheato back in? I have done a 10 % water change 3 weeks ago but no help. I run my light over the cheato at night and off during the day. I have swings of 8.45 during the night to 8.67 during the day.