View Full Version : Skunk Cleaner Pest

04-26-2016, 09:20 PM
So after a few days of settling down, the sweet, green BTA I was gifted has found an awkward spot on the side of the topmost rock in the tank, of course. I think for now he's sticking to it ;) lol. He's looking alright... Developing bubbles on his tentacles, getting used to the lighting. Well and good.

My skunk shrimp keeps pestering the $#!t outta the poor guy. Enough so that whenever he walks over him, the nem closes up. This is a regular thing at this point (as soon as I had the cup in the tank, the shrimp attacked him, he skims over my euphyllia this same way). The nem looks great physically (mouth, color, behavior etc.) and for all the shrimp's aggravation, he's been in the same spot for a few days now...

Question is, should I move/cover the nem? Move the shrimp? Forget about it? Lol. If you guys have any ideas, lemme know, please? :)

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