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03-29-2016, 04:47 PM
Okay club here's the question are you ready? I'll wait a second get ready....... sweet here we go how does one become reefer of the year. And for all u smart butts.. that are gonna say smoke alot bush haha dont..

03-29-2016, 04:57 PM
In the past. Reefer of the year has been chosen by the board. Based on a few things. Forum participation, Willingness to help others. and in general. An overall value to the club. Taking into consideration that each individual is different and contributions will vary.

How about if we change it up this year. If you have a person that you would like to see be reefer of the year. Contact one of the board members and we will keep a list and start watching to make sure this person is deserving of the title.

03-29-2016, 04:58 PM
Sweet good to know