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02-01-2016, 10:31 AM
Has anyone had any experience with jebao's new gyre pump?


02-01-2016, 10:51 AM
Interesting. It looks like a near exact clone of the Maxspect. Didn't they patent it?

The wi-fi function is different, though. You can actually program it so the surge rate is random in frequency and amplitude.

02-01-2016, 11:02 AM
Interesting. It looks like a near exact clone of the Maxspect. Didn't they patent it?

China don't care about patents lol

02-01-2016, 11:25 AM
It looks like Maxspect is also a Chinese company. This should be interesting. Technically, Maxspect request that US Customs seize all of the Jebao gyres.


Should be interesting to follow...

02-01-2016, 11:30 AM
Wow funny thing is I bet there both made in the same factory

02-01-2016, 06:18 PM
Patents are not recognised in china

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02-01-2016, 09:47 PM
Yeah, most American, British and German car makers have actually tried to sue the country of China for blatant copy, trade mark and intellectual property theft with no luck. Additionally, Chinese bootlegs make it safely across to the states and Europe on a regular basis so maybe we will get a slightly less expensive Gyre.

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02-02-2016, 12:15 AM
Well it is clearly different by design. Maxspect starts with an "M" and Jebao starts with a "J". Big difference right there.

Not saying it's right, but did they not expect this to happen? Everybody knows they bootleg and copy stuff. If you make it over there, and they copy the design over there, whose fault is that?

02-02-2016, 08:58 AM
Another great reason to build products in the US

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02-02-2016, 01:29 PM
They even duplicated the power cord problem. It's forced to kink against the glass.

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