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01-29-2015, 03:02 PM
So I have a question about coral placement. I have two coral right now. A Green Hammer and a Frogspawn. I have had them for about 7 months now with out much growth. I have moved them to my new 75G tank but not sure where to place them. I currently have them both on the sand bed. I am running Full spectrum 165W Dimmable LED lights. I do not know where this coral should be placed and at what strength the lights need to be.

01-29-2015, 03:53 PM
Frogs pawn and hammer are kinda slow growers. Ideal placement is mid to low tank and mediumish flow. They like to eat, so supplementing then with LPS pellets, some coral foods, or even feeding them mysis or brine directly could cause them to grow faster. I've had a head of yellow hammer since July and it's just now starting to split off a second head

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01-30-2015, 12:43 PM
+1 my frogspawn is in the sandbed in indirect flow and light. He catches meaty foods from the current. Haven't noticed much growth out of it, but one of the heads that was receding when I got it is making a comeback.

Charles, they really take that long to form another head?! O_o I'm gonna be waiting forever! :P

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