View Full Version : Biopellet Type, Brand

10-16-2014, 06:21 PM
Ok, I know there's been other threads about biopellets. I want to start a thread for comparing actual experience with brands or types of biopellets. The goal being to try and narrow down a "best" type.

I started out using the two little fishies npx biopellets. I didn't notice any bleaching or negative reactions, but I fought a heat spike and lost most of my acans to it, so hard to tell. My main biopellet reactor needs to be replenished and I got Dr Tim's pellets this time. I'll see how it goes, if I notice anything. Price is very important to me, but I did a price breakdown. It takes much less of Dr Tim's to dose a tank then NPX, so if you use comparable sizes purchased, it costs $16.80 to dose 100 gal full strength Dr Tim's and $14.99 for 100 gal full strength NPX. Not that much of a difference.